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My Status

Hello my dears. Just so you know, I am currently on semi-hiatus status thanks to the usual culprits; school. Work. Zombie fighting. So alot of the stuff I will be *posting* is from a queue. Just a heads up yo. (btw, you are hella cute ^.^ if only I wasn't shy... man)

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Suggestions of the Week

Book: "Looking for Alaska" by John Green
Music: "Hunger of the Pine" by Alt-J
Movie: "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"
Tv Show: "Project Runway"
Recipe: Rice Krispie Treats
Woman Crush: Chiara Ferragni
Man Crush: Dane DeHaan
Game: Plague Inc app

Pirate Network | FF
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electric feel

I loved KOTN, but I think the main thing  that confused me last night was why the lady wearing undies/fishnets was needed to move the chess pieces… O.o Did this actually add valuable content to the show? LOL

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