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Hello my dears. Just so you know, I am currently on semi-hiatus status thanks to the usual culprits; school. Work. Zombie fighting. So alot of the stuff I will be *posting* is from a queue. Just a heads up yo. (btw, you are hella cute ^.^ if only I wasn't shy... man)

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Suggestions of the Week

Book: "Looking for Alaska" by John Green
Music: "Hunger of the Pine" by Alt-J
Movie: "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"
Tv Show: "Project Runway"
Recipe: Rice Krispie Treats
Woman Crush: Chiara Ferragni
Man Crush: Dane DeHaan
Game: Plague Inc app

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if you cannot sleep, that means that you are awake in my dreams.
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  1. the mirror's image: it's home time

The planet Saturn, August 11, 1981, imaged by Voyager 2 from a range of 14.7 million kilometers (9.1 million miles). You can also see the moons Dione (right) and Enceladus. (NASA)


im actually really afraid that no one will fall in love with me

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hp house series     beauxbatons

ladies fashion.   feminine details. light, soft fabrics and shapes mixed with more structured basics. polished ensembles and relaxed fits.

Hogwarts houses + mood board


Album art for japanese band Juvenile Juvenile